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Musicboxset Limited (formerly just known as Musicboxset) is the number one organisation in promoting singers and bands, we have been around since 2006 helping to get singers and bands noticed on the web and around the world.

When Musicboxset launched in 2006, we we're not known at all, we started tweeting different artists and just generally promoting them on social networks. In 2007 we launched a small domain on webs.com which we used till July 10th 2010 when we launched the .co.uk domain which you are on now.

When we launched in 2010 with our main domain, we started approaching something new. We installed a forum for which people could come along and share their views on different singers/bands and so they could promote them self. In 2012 Musicboxset became a social network dedicated to singers/bands which was extremely successful with over 16,000 users registered. However that took a turn for the worst when our server gave way and completely crashed, destroying the backups along with it. In May 2013 Musicboxset again re-launched as a limited company, ready to start helping singers and bands again. We launched our extremely cheap hosting which is now used worldwide, however we don't just serve singers and bands, we serve shared hosting for the masses, anyone that wants to put their site, blog, hobby or business online can do so right now here with us!

In October 2013 Musicboxset Limited announced the domain registration/transfer launch as well as the reseller hosting. Musicboxset also launched the theme integration for Wordpress, WHMCS, ClientExec and BoxBilling and a few others. In November 2013 Musicboxset Limited launched the new arrival of BoxBilling Pro Licences. BoxBilling is a billing & support software (similar to the more acknowledged name 'WHM Complete Solution'). Now in 2016, Musicboxset Limited is Europe's #1 distributor for BoxBilling Pro Licences. We also announced the theme imtegration for BoxBilling starting at just £12.00 One Time.

We now serve over 1,000 clients worldwide for many different services and needs which include SSL Certificates, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting (Including Master Reseller Hosting), Domain Registration/Transfer, Theme Integration & even software licenses such as BoxBilling Pro Licences & WHMCS Licences. We now aim to continue to promote singers and bands as well as maintain being the best we can with other services we also provide to our clients.

Since 2015, Musicboxset Limited now manages multiple websites, including: Servers4You, Entel Hosting, CentOS UK Hosting, Technologie Netmask & the global client portal "MyMBS: Client Portal".

Servers4You was launching Midway through 2014 being Musicboxset Limited's main provisioning of both virtual, cloud & dedicated servers in many different locations including the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands & three locations within the United States. Locations vary dependent on service.

Entel Hosting was taken over by Musicboxset Limited near the end 2015, the aim of this site was to expand our virtual servers. Now both Servers4You & Entel Hosting provide virtual/cloud servers managed by Musicboxset Limited.

At the beginning of 2016, Musicboxset Limited started working on "CentOS UK Hosting" (centos.uk) - the aim of this site is to reach potential customers who wanted servers just on the CentOS operating system. While this site is still under construction, we aim to completely launch the site mid way through 2016. While we start on the United Kingdom side of this, we also aim to branch out beyond the United Kingdom to other countries.

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