What is an SSL certificate?

SSL Certificates are very commonly used on the web, mainly used in business and company use however can also be used by blogs, personal sites (vCards & hobbies) as well as sites that store personal information such as Name, phone number, address etc. So what are you waiting for? Musicboxset has partnered with the best known providers to bring you the best SSL Certificates around from bog standard PositiveSSL Certificates to the green bar activated True BusinessID w/ EV Certificates.

99.3%+ Browser Recognition

Most of our SSL Certificates come with a 99.3%+ Browser Recognition, meaning that your SSL Certificate will work with majority of the leading browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (10+), FireFox, Opera and Safari.

As low as £5.00/yr

RRP: £34.00/yr

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As low as £7.00/yr

RRP: £29.11/yr

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As low as £25.00/yr

RRP: £86.85/yr

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As low as £180.00/yr

RRP: £259.00/yr

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Multiple Domain Certificates

Some of our certificate’s have what’s known as a SAN support, this means you can get another domain that can be added to the current certificate for a smaller price than getting s new certificate, contact us for more information or to order yours!

WildCard Certificates

Want to secure multiple sub-domains? You can with us! We offer several different Wildcard Certificate’s such as RapidSSL Wildcard and the PositiveSSL Wildcard. We also offer the more recognised brands such as the True BusinessID Wildcard.

Multiple Years?

All our SSL Certificates can be purchased for up to 3 years on our site (except EV Certificates). If you choose to purchase a SSL Certificate for longer than 3 years you will also benefit from multiple year discounts.

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